Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I know this is mad late...
I went to that art exhibition on the 26th of april and was captured by the images i saw. I got to meet marcia jones and she is just as magical and lovely as I imagined. It was really nice to be able to look at the artwork and then turn to the side and look at the artist. [gotta admit that was pretty dope] I knew i was going to love what Ms. Jones had brought to the table [hi have we met I've sorta been stalking her art for awhile now]. But i also was met with a surprise when I saw a painting i really liked...
it is by Laura Meyers and is titled "you all look the same to me"

anyways i'm going to post a video of marcia jones

the unscene - marcia jones part 1 from pierre bennu on Vimeo.

How magical is she...[dreams]

see why i love her spirit. okay that's all for now. ;)