Friday, February 27, 2009

when did...

...typing things out become passe?



Spend the extra half second. Type it out.
Realize what you are saying becomes that much more insignificant with the implementation of those acronyms.
Know the difference between an acronym and an abbreviation.

rant done.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

it's all relative

introducing the children:



It hits me every now and again that I am a mother. The gravity of which seems overbearing. I often wonder what kind of creative forces reside within them. Will they be the ones who find the Higgs boson? Will they revolutionize their field of study? I want them to be passionate and a little obsessive about their art/craft. I will teach them that through their creativity they will be closest aligned to God. As we create we become aligned with the creator--a communion of sorts.
They have taught me love. I am eternally grateful. mommy loves you. Always.

Monday, February 16, 2009

journal 1

He wrote in the sky:
"These heavens could be your eyes;
If they were open"
[a haiku]

I am losing faith in humanity. Topics worthy of discussion are pushed aside to further our gluttony for entertainment. The news helps to perpetuate installments of fear and hate in half hour doses coated with "the new colors for the season." Our consumer driven economy mindset has revealed itself in other facets of life. We have become consumed by monotony. I am tired of dumbing down my beliefs into bite size ideologies. I hardly feel angry anymore. I allow individuals to live in their ignorance and contradiction because i choose not to be side tracked by their bullshit. I find my zen in the early mornings when the earth breathes loudest and the city sleeps quietest. my eyes are opening again. Ohm.

I know that there is nothing new under the sun, so i live guided by the mysteries of the moon.

this aint the staples center

My mother has not seen me since July. In August i gave birth to a son. For you mathematicians out there, that makes him 6 months. A week or so ago i get a call from my mother. The usual conversation ensues. "how are you and the family?" "is it cold out there?" Then my mother asks me "so how much do you weigh?" Thinking i'm looking good for just having had a child not too long ago, I tell her, "i'm 135lbs." she gasps and tells me, "Wow you're fat." At this point i'm laughing and trying to explain to her the whole height to weight ratio. She isn't trying to hear any of it. She goes on to tell me how much she weighed when she had my brothers and i, and i'm somewhere else trying to figure out how to end this conversation. In the back of my mind i'm recounting all the times she could have given me a complex. I remember that this is the same woman that made me feel uncomfortable about my gumby smile, who told me to smile with my mouth closed for most of my adolescent years.

life lesson: parents breed complexes.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Me and hiphop have this open relationship. In the early nineties, he held me down [The pharcyde, souls of mischief...etc]. He had me open. When 98-2000 rolled around i fell in love with him again...the roots,blackstar,mos def, common all dropped an album around that time and Rawkus was that label that could do no wrong. At this moment i'm tired of searching through his bull shit to find gems. so i've been dipping out on him...lately my ears are stuck on a little group from sweden called little dragon. the lead singer [Yukimi Nagano] has one of the richest introspective voices i've heard in awhile. check it for yourself.

p.s. Hiphop--i haven't given up on you yet...just need a break.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i came across this quote today and i thought i would share it with you all.

“There is no dishonor in being slaves. There is dishonor in being slave
owners. But let us not think of honor or dishonor in connection with the
past. Let us realize that the future is with those who would be truthful
pure and loving” — Mohandas K. Gandhi in a letter to W.E.B. Du Bois

let us all be more truthful, pure, and loving.