Thursday, February 5, 2009


Me and hiphop have this open relationship. In the early nineties, he held me down [The pharcyde, souls of mischief...etc]. He had me open. When 98-2000 rolled around i fell in love with him again...the roots,blackstar,mos def, common all dropped an album around that time and Rawkus was that label that could do no wrong. At this moment i'm tired of searching through his bull shit to find gems. so i've been dipping out on him...lately my ears are stuck on a little group from sweden called little dragon. the lead singer [Yukimi Nagano] has one of the richest introspective voices i've heard in awhile. check it for yourself.

p.s. Hiphop--i haven't given up on you yet...just need a break.


faatma is... said...

nice... like some funky beated radiohead ish... I like. Thank you for that. I know about hip hop... hes like that dude you always let return even tho he do you dirty sometime... because sometime he's just soooo goood.


Mr. Jolla said...

I love this shit. LOL @ you dipping on hip hop...hip hop has forgotten how to make love all it does is fuck.

Jay_fever said...

Sounds dope. Sounds like a cross between, E. Badu, Chrissette Michelle, and Portishead.

It seems, as long as I stay away from the radio and keep finding dope stuff on the net, I can stay positive about hip hop

Mista Jaycee said...

Ok, so you gotz to get Slum Village, Little Brother, then just to make it interesting you gotta check The Noisettes. Shingi is awesome! PS The Noisettes are a punk trio fronted by a Sista from Afrika. Check out IWE!

asia kismet said...

yeah i got slum and little brother...but you know sometimes you just want something different...i've sorta been on this MGMT trip too [i dont care what ya'all think i like their ACID MUSIC]

The Incomparable Bozack Jenkins™ said...

Mr. Jolla hit the nail on the head, but I feel you on your stance on hiphop.. I just don't have the time or patience to dig around for shit I like anymore.. I feel like I'm genuinely being penalized for having good taste.. shit ain't fair..