Wednesday, April 15, 2009

arghhhh matey

the pirate situation

My political views lean a little [my little is really a lot] towards the left.
being that i moved to the sticks of NY i rarely get to listen to my independent radio station the way i would like to. Hmm...and i think the only station they have out here to my liking is NPR.

but anyways...I've been away from this blogging thing for a minute. happy a few familiar faces from cali peeped through NYC and i felt at home for a minute :) it was really nice.

and i just want to make it official...i'm converting to apple. so YAY for the macbook on it's way. i'll probably wait till i get that before i start blogging more. i'm still sort of sad that i lost all my pictures on the last laptop. hopefully the kids will forgive me. :(
i feel like such a horrible mother for that...but atleast i got a few things posted on myspace and stuff right? oh well. can't sweat that stuff. but that just goes to show you...i need to have a healthy distrust for the digital.

well i hope everyone's been doing's mid week...the weekends almost here :)


DeAnne said...

you've got the kids and that's way more important than pics.

Jay_fever said...

...don't call it a been here for

asia kismet said...

DeAnne: yeah better i lost the pics than the kids huh? lol

Jay: it is a comeback if i say so...:P

Anonymous said...

I've done both PC and Mac and found both of them easy to use. I don't know why people see it as such a war! lol

But enjoy your mac.

Mista Jaycee said...

I love the Mac!
Yeah! And NPR and PRI are the Greatest!