Thursday, March 5, 2009

addicted to music.

bilal = heroin music

[back in 1995]

fuck crack...bilal is that good.

*i know it's pointless to argue about music...because everyone has their taste and preferences...but seriously if you can't fuck with bilal...i can't really fuck with you.


Ms_Slim said...

Bilal has always been that deal to me. Always.


Beezy said...

I'm still waiting on Love 4 Sale to be officially released.

Mr. Jolla said...

Straight up...Bilal is my era's (in my own mind) incarnation of Prince. I didn't completely miss the Prince boat, but I've only got one Nike Dunk in I'll just wait on the Bilal boat to come around (II). And Love 4 Sale is that shit...released or not. LOL

The Incomparable Bozack Jenkins™ said...

Bilal is that nigga.. did you peep the Dresden Soul Symphony album? That shit is hell fire..

asia kismet said...

ms slim: he is and he's better if you ever get the chance to go to his concerts go...and hope robert glasper is on the keys.

beezy: it aint going to be officially released so enjoy the bootleg...there's an interview where bilal said interscope wasn't really feeling it and then the album "mysteriously" appeared on the internet. emphasis on "mysteriously."

Ronnie: I concur...lord don't let it...and all for faves on that...not to mention i listen to his live my funny valentine rendition at SOBs from time to time...shit is amazing
[and them prince dunks...i'm jealous]

mr. jenkins: YES! i just found me a copy yesterday...and you know i try to skip most of the other folks just to hear bilal. there are only a few artist i really subscribe to [i love all his issues] ...he's one of em.

asia kismet said...

oh one more thing
Beezy: it was sorta released...i mean love 4 sale is on vinyl in europe...i've been meaning to cop that for a minute

The Incomparable Bozack Jenkins™ said...

Love 4 Sale was fire too.. "You're All I Need" fucks my head up to this very day..

asia kismet said...

mr jenkins we might have to link up and build on the music tip...i have an inkling you might have good taste.

suga said...

"All For Love" is my favorite.
Almost saw him live once out here at a small venue. Was headed to the show and got sick...had a migraine so bad that I could barely see. I was so sad I missed him.

asia kismet said...

i wonder if it was in fall of 07 when he was performing at yoshi's in oak-town?
[i almost drove up from LA for]

Jay_fever said...

Bilal's vocals are pure genius.

"Sometimes" is one of my all time fave songs.