Sunday, March 22, 2009


I haven't been feeling like blogging lately.
but thought i'd drop a few things your way...that you might could enjoy.

Now i am by no means a fan of lil wayne...but i am a fan of pharrell so here's a track you might want
or might not who cares...atleast i offered it to ya'all. [beggars can't be choosers]

here it is your welcome.

and since i'm feeling generous. Here's the Blu and J*Davey all should know how much i love my cali folk.

so...cali is the shit and the stank...take it all in.


-AK out this


Jay_fever said...

Been listening to Yes for a couple months now...I love that joint...Lil Wayne refers to vagina as "panty pie"

asia kismet said...

i aint heard YES maybe i'll give that one a listen.