Wednesday, July 8, 2009


i don't understand.
you said you love me
but you have written testaments to another.
i am a jealous god[dess].
my only intentions,
simple as they maybe,
were to love you.

have you forgotten the power of the written language.
even in jest,
ideas and concepts are birthed.
we should have used protection.
maybe then my heart wouldn't be broken.

heart breaks
this is love?
in its infancy
up until today
i was using the wrong metaphors
to describe us
i am wiser now
no longer will i misplace my adjectives for nouns


Jay_fever said...
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Jay_fever said...

I was about to say I've felt this way before but then I got a whiff of a double it possible for both to be true?

asia kismet said...

anythings probability is a different story. lol

DeAnne said...

damn asia, I won't say I know exactly how you feel but I will say I think I feel the same way. I hope we both find comfort in the truth

asia kismet said...

i'm glad you enjoyed, De.

and for the record i'm not talking about pregnancy but it struck a chord with me when i wrote damn we gotta use more protection with our words... so that way hearts don't break [analogous to water breaking during the birthing process]

Ms_Slim said...

Heavily dug.
Loved this.
And the metaphors were great...and surprisingly on point.