Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a start

i am fragile,
but resilient.
although your actions have fractured my heart
i have learned home remedies to mend it
these mixtures of time and sage sayings
applied to open wounds
sting at first contact
but soon soothe the soul
from the wanderings of memories gone astray

the distance is all too familiar
even when you are within reach
i hesitate to touch you
often wearing the scars of past loves on my finger tips
and they have become bold
gathering on mounts
highlighted in sunday sermons
shouting, and jumping,
praising the suffering-
a congregation of hurt.

but i shall overcome...


Ms_Slim said...

I absolutely loved this...."The distance is all too familiar...even when w/in reach" (I paraphrased lol)

Just know....I know.

Jay_fever said...
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Jay_fever said...

After re-reading the piece I had to delete my first post. Definitely feeling this joint. Big up to "do-overs". We'll all get it right eventually.

suga said...

Hmmmm. I felt this.