Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the children have spoken

i have a love and fascination for cartoons and most things colorful [i.e. socks]. It might have started when i grew up watching voltron or robotech [on beta's my dude...what'cha know about that]...and it has since followed me throughout my adult life. there's just something magical about it, the whole giving life to a two dimensional object [i wonder if this is how the creator feels]...i respect the art. images have existed before language...there is something uterly sacred about it. I'm in awe of art. The ability to draw from the universe and produce something that never existed before the moment you put a brush to a canvas, a pen to some paper, a note to an instrument.

Well it's no wonder my daughter and i can sit and watch cartoons together...lately we've been watching

I've watched this cartoon with them a billion times and trust me the story never gets old. it's such a wonderful story [don't worry there's a dubbed english version].

*and i would like to think my daughter has great taste in movies...[amelie is one of her favorites]

And aside from feature film cartoons i stay watching cal arts cartoons... here's one of my faves

Yesszzzirrrr, i'm a cartoon addict...blame the 80s [pre-spongebob]

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