Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Friends how many of us have them...

I've never really had to use a heater before, aside from one of those portable ones you just stick into a socket to warm a room. But i hear you should just set it on 68 or something like that [68 is an average Los Angeles winter day]...okay before i get depressed on this whole weather bit and tell you how great California is--it's just been these last few days that i have really missed [really really missed] my friends back home [home will always be california, los angeles county, long beach area] And it doesn't help that when i go to the grocery store every fruit is damn near from california.

Let me tell you about my move from Cali to NY. We drove...and i love road trips...took us a total of about 4 days. all the scenery though is out west. Once you leave colorado it's pretty much an endless sea of corn fields. Iowa has internet access at their rest areas and i will never take california freeways for granted ever again. I find that tolls are just everywhere out here...and the roads are a lot more bumpier. One night I was driving back from Queens to Mt. Vern and i took the wrong exit and realized i was going the wrong direction when i saw "welcome to New Jersey" luckily my crafty navigation skills and not the man at the gas station [who i couldn't understand] got me back on the right path. Good thing i had some bills on me for the toll on the George Washington bridge. [note to self: always carry a few extra bills when driving out east just incase you get misdirected (never lost)]

I have a question: do you still pay the toll if you're riding on a bike? i mean in california motorcycles get to use the carpool lane even though technically it's only one person on the bike.

Okay so back to my friends...i just realized that i've pretty much grown up with most of my friends. we're on some "i've known you since 1st grade" type shit...and now i have to start over. gotta find new friends. I'd like to believe that i'm a pretty solitary person, rather reserved and personal at moments...but you know sometimes you just want to interact with people. Maybe discuss some music or art. I need to get out, see what's out here in this small town...meet some folks who are on a love and peace type vibe. i guess i need to give this place a chance. But where do i start? ooh maybe i'll post something on craigslist. i was reading an article on msn about how craigslist is used for so much more than just getting cheap second hand stuff. [and all you guys out there i'm not talking about the "services" section either]

okay so i'm looking at the adds posted up already in the strictly platonic section
not too many choose from...i guess i really do live in the sticks.


oNe mAn gAng said...

you know damn well Craig's list isn't the answer lol...you gotta hit up some of those boutique party/concert type joints...or just hang out in certain points of interest...let that shit come natural.

asia kismet said...

yeah maybe i'll meet someone as we're both reaching for the last copy of a book by arundhati roy...and instantaneously our eyes will lock and our past lives of friendship will inundate our beings and we will glow for a few moments before we address each other in a foreign tongue that we both speak.