Wednesday, December 17, 2008

on the come up...only to come down

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when we moved into this house we set the laptop down turned it on, and to our surprise the little computer network icon on the lower right had a blue bubble on it--[woohooooooooooo] internet service. Since about September i have been bootlegging internet service from someone in the neighborhood who had a kind enough heart to check "unsecured". [KUDOS to them] i have an inkling it might be the Russians next of these days i'm going to bake them some brownies and give em a bottle of vodka or something.

Now the service was iffy at times but lately i've been getting 3 bars...almost four, it was pretty fast, didn't take extravagantly long for my downloads and movie watching experiences on netflix...until yesterday. now i'm back down to one bar... now i'm still thankful, cause the shit is free. but i think that was the universe telling me, "yo your time has come, stop being such a lamo and get your own dsl." so today i took it upon myself to stop my bootlegging and order some dsl.

[they must have moved the wireless router hence why my signal is sooo non existent]

well here are my top three reasons for bootlegging internet services

1. it's free
2. it decreases global warming [think of it like carpooling]
3. you save a billion rainforest trees [since you're not getting the bill--which is printed on paper]

and i'm all about the environment ;)
but man i need that legitimate service...


suga said...

When I moved into my new apt, I brought my old DSL with me but when I noticed that there was a free signal, I immediately cancelled my service and I've been logging in every day on it since lol Too bad there is no way to do the same for cable tv. I'd save millions!! lol

She Gave Me the Keys said...

You're both going to dial-up hell. Do you remember dial-up?? do you remember that dumb stupid noise it made when it was dialing up?? Good. Cuz that's where y'all are headed. LOL. Have I ever stolen wireless service? NO. Not ever. I couldn't. EV-ER-Ybody's sht was secured. Bastids.

SMH at giving the Russians vodka. Would you give the Chinese Neighbors, Chinese food? Would you? Hahaha.

1. It's illegal. (see beginning of my comments for a reminder of where you're headed)
2. That doesn't really make sense to me. It's wireless...think cellphones.
3. You don't have to have paper bills mailed to you. eBill, baby!

suga said...

Do I smell a hater? *sniff sniff* Yep, that what that stench is. lmao

Why would you even wish dial up on us? Just evil for no reason!

She Gave Me the Keys said... two are just brazen with audacity. brazen, i tell you!!

*in my best Suga voice, which is any voice since I've never met you*

"Hey. Look at me. I get the DSL for free! Yipee!! See?!?"

asia kismet said...

so i've had this discussion a many times and i've come to the conclusion that i'm just resourceful. i mean i respect the individual who made it unsecured...and if i knew who they were i'd give em a high five.

[and the reason i think it's the russians...cause the direct tv car was at their house yesterday and that's when the net started to act up]

and see MR KEYS...i only suggest vodka because [that's right you guessed it] that's all i know about russians. Vodka and caviar. and leo tolstoy. hahahahaha

i dont need to explain a gift...and why not give them something you know they'll like...that's like someone giving me a bag of rice...i'd think "oh what cause i'm asian" but trust and believe if it was that jasmine hom mali rice i'd stay eating it!


suga don't pay him no mind he's just mad he doesn't have kind neighbors. lol

oNe mAn gAng said...

LMAO...this shit is priceless...especially the "in my best Suga voice, which is any voice since I've never met you" LMAO...

JOFre$h said...

Free net connection FTW