Thursday, December 4, 2008

allow me to reintroduce myself...

I need to get a rake like yesterday. I can't wait till the kids get older and i can trick them into thinking it's fun. And hopefully they'll be impervious to cold.

The great thing about moving to a new place is that you have the chance to reinvent yourself. What did i do to reinvent myself: I started this blog [wtf]. Okay, this blog is probably more a result of looming boredom and therapy than really a means to reinvent myself.

So this past thanksgiving, while everyone was spitting in the face of the indigenous people while stuffing their faces [ i digress... ] I was contemplating the audacity of certain individuals. So here's the story:

Hubby comes home from work. He says, "yo wifey, there's something i gotta tell you. you aint gonna believe this shit" And of course my inquisitive self is all ears after "there's something". He then continues to tell me how his boss and female coworker asked him if he could ask me....if i wanted to bellysmack, bump uglies, knock boots, [insert euphemisms here] with them. Oh and it didn't end there. they told him they were willing to pay. [What the fuck!!!!!!] [i am not your exotic version i'm gangstah cuhz 2008]. So my husband goes on to tell me how he didn't know how to react. How he was angry and calm at the same time. He just replied "you need to ask her yourself and she aint too fond of white people." [two words: exploitation and disease] [youtube dave chappelle how i got the lead in jeopardy def poetry]

Well after the initial shock

side note: a lot of things that semi shocked me have happened since i moved out here... 1. the whole snow and rain thing. 2. the older lady saying "oh you speak really good english" with a hint of surprise in her voice [think the boondocks season one first episode]....okay back to it.

so after the initial shock...i felt disrespected, angered, ready to kick down doors and get extra ignorant [but that's not how i roll]. Now my dilemma lies in the fact that if i see these individuals face to face i will not be able to put on a fake smile and offer them a cup o' tea. How the hell are you suppose to react to shit like this? And did i mention i felt mad disrespected...these folks better back the fuck off! I'm a pacifist mostly but i will swich ranks on occassion.


oNe mAn gAng said...

wow @ these unstable creatures...that shit is wild on the side of disrespectful. props to your husband for not purchasing a spear from the nearest hunter shop (whereever THAT would be) and stabbing the questioner straight thru the heart. Some things you just don't ask; like if your auntie has a thick mustache and you wonder when's the last time she trimmed it. Keep that shit to yourself.

asia kismet said...

yo for serious. i don't understand how they felt like it was okay to ask...shit another cat another day that a be grounds for some war.

and yeah i think people have lost the art of "shutting the fuck up"
i think i might start a campaign. "shut the fuck can save your life"

Steve said...


Thanks all I got...


D.Or said...

Damn girl i hope you accepted and asked for tons of money. so that then you could get college funds for your kids and help your little brother out who doesn't know whats going on (me). Anyways i wish little stupid stuff like that happened in my life so that i could blog about and make my life a little more interesting. Love ya. Peace, Or OUT

asia kismet said...

awwww i miss you bro.
and no worries things'll happen for you...and you don't need drama in your life...but drama is funny in other people's

THAT GIRL said...

The spark of normalcy in me is appalled, but the rest of my jaded new yorker self finds it a commonplace thing.. How bad is that?! Guess I've been pouring drinks behind the bar in this crazy city for way too long.. Let's just say folks are very brave.

I feel you on the seasons though, I've been here all my life and even though I love fashion in the winter, I hate the cold (rain, snow and whatever the hell else may fall from the sky).

Keep writing, I'll be reading..