Saturday, January 24, 2009

i dont have a clever title.

"I'm an artist. When you tell people that they usually say, 'what's your medium?' I usually say, 'extra large.'"- Jean-Michel Basquiat

i'm in the mood to take a spray can and just write some quotes somewhere in the neighborhood. maybe something to make people think...maybe something to make people smile...maybe something people forgot.

maybe i should just start in the basement...

maybe i should stop all my maybes and take action.

maybe tomorrow.

another lazy saturday and a friend and i were discussing Yo Gabba Gabba.
and the fact that HipHop has officially made it to influence children's programing. my friend, who shall remain nameless, probably secretly enjoys this show more than his one year old nephew [who he claims is the reason why he watches this show]. But yo, i'm really hatin. kid's now a days have Biz beat of the day

and all i remember was growin up to this


n.brown said...

ok ok so its not very educational but one of my mos fav childhood mems was hey hey were the

Jay_fever said...

Damn son...Smokey was stone cold...Not stuntin' "U" at all...smh

Basquiat is one of my heroes.

Ms_Slim said...

Biz Markey is such a clown lol. It's so shocking (to me) that it took him THIS LONG to get involved with the kids in some way. He's a big kid himself :)

asia kismet said...

mr brown: now you know you're showing your age.

Jay: Basquiat is amazing. and i just revisited downtown 81 [the movie where the quote was taken from] love the movie.

and yo, i used to get nightmares of the letter U chasing me as a child.

Slim: biz looks like such a chracter don't he? my girls love biz's beat of the day.

suga said...

Oh Lawd, Biz is going to have kids walking around spitting and breathing hard on everything lmao

That show looks extra cute though. Since there aren't really any kids in my life, I hadn't heard of the show at all.

Was feelin that old school Smokey on Sesame Street, though. That one and the one with Patti LaBelle making the muppets get the holy ghost with her rendition of the "ABC" song lol

asia kismet said...

suga: the show is ultra cute. they have songs like "don't bite your friends" hahahahaha

and i remember i used to babysit this one toddler [this was way back] and while watching sesame my surprise erykah badu was on...and all the monsters had headwraps lol. you know you've made it once you're on sesame street.

Ms_Slim said...

Confession: I saw when E.Badu was on there LOL

Sesame Street is and always will be THE ISH! haha

Mista Jaycee said...

Cool! Thanks for Both!

Stop by my blog! You'll dig it!

DeAnne said...

okay Asia Kismet you're younger than me and Sesame Street got more funky than that :)

I liked the Monkeys too, and electric company.

suga I was thinking the same thing LOL