Monday, January 12, 2009


aint just for computers no more. seems like this word has made it into everyday lexicon. i predict it will be the over used word of 2009. i've already come across a few blogs with this word woven intermittenly within its text. we need to retire the words swagger and boss. although i did find it humorous when Max B said "i look like a boss i smell like a boss and i taste like a boss" [dude is so arrogant i can't even get mad at him, he makes kanye look insecure]

On the topic of growing up. I think it was the apostle paul who said something like "When i was a kid i dressed as a kid...when i became an adult i dressed as an adult." [it might have been in the scriptures that King James threw out]

well i say that to tell you this. IF you are still rocking jerseys of your favorite sports figure out in public you really need to dead that. there are only 3 places jerseys should be worn
1. while you are playing that particular sport
2. at the sporting event of that particlar sport
3. at a tail gate party for a sporting event [yup you guessed it] of that particular sport.

*how do you wear a jersey in the cold of winter?

there are no excuses for a grown man [or woman] to put on an article of clothing that has some one else's name [in huge letters] on it. we all know you are not Lebron. DONE.

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Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Asia!
That verse is 1st Corinthians 13.
And I agree. dress ya age. I know 40 year old Women who have smokin bodies that they work hard on but that does not mean you should still dress like you 19. Hello Mariah!
I love your blog!