Monday, January 19, 2009

one day away.

some time ago i wrote:

The short-changed masses have deliberately set out to gain some sense. We are not all artist but we have learned to draw our own conclusions in regards to how this government views its people. Its "white is right" regime reigns supreme over everyone...and our birth rights have been denied and renamed as death and taxes. tell me what is left? of this free world....because we would like a peace.
Tomorrows mantra is today's revelation.

and today change is coming. tomorrow change will be here. :)


Jay_fever said...

It's crazy that "change" is only one day away. I'm excited as ever. I dunno if I should tape it or wait till they upload it on youtube then download it off of that...gotta love technology right?


asia kismet said...

yeah man i'm really happy to witness this moment.

Ms_Slim said...

"Tommorrow's mantra is today's revelation"

DOPE!!! I really liked that line.

I've got a poem on Obama I've been writing since like November 2nd...and it's still not finished. It HAS to be done by tomorrow though. Otherwise....I'm gonna lose it!

I'm so excited about everything too. It still feels so surreal!

asia kismet said...

ooh a poem about it can't wait to read.

OBAMA forever etched in history...

Mista Jaycee said...

Great post! Did you write that or was that a Quote?

asia kismet said...

[wrote it]