Monday, January 5, 2009

west coast biased

Flying lotus...aka fly lo...if you aint know...well now you know...

*if you an adult swim junkie you probably were already a fan of his beats


J*davey ;)
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this was my most fav obama song. [feeling a little homesick today]


K-Dub said...

OMGGG.. that Obama song is funny as hell.. and its catchy too

D.Or said...

so the flying lotus video was done at the orange circle. that is so cool

asia kismet said...

hence why i say..."even if our president don't do a got damn thing...he's still flyer than the rest of the world leaders with a soundtrack to back it up"

and the unedited version of the song says "f*** what yo mama say...i'mma vote obamas way"

Mr. Jolla said...

Flying Lotus is that cuz AdAlesson first hipped me to game...and Flying Lotus even sent him a beat for one of his mixtapes. So even if his beats weren't shit, at worst he'd have my respect lol...but his beats are hot too...I've only heard one I don't like so far.